Glee star Matthew Morrison has landed another high-profile collaboration for his debut solo album - Gwyneth Paltrow has joined him for his rendition of movie tune Over The Rainbow.
The actor/singer has already scored a big collaboration with Sir Elton John for the forthcoming project, and now his new Glee pal has added her star power to the tracklisting.
Morrison has previously performed an acoustic version of the Wizard of Oz tune on the hit TV series, but insists the reworked song will be a whole new experience.
He tells, "People kind of know me for that song now. I wanted to do a duet with a female. I thought that was a good song to do, and we really did a different arrangement of it. It's a lot of strings, and it's beautiful.
"The hardest part of doing this album was asking these people favours, like Elton and her. I'm so not that guy."