Matthew Morrison is planning a solo world tour.

The 'Glee' actor - who will not be joining his co-stars for a series of European concert dates next year - is hoping to play shows across the globe in support of his debut solo album.

He told TV show 'Extra': "I go right into rehearsals after Christmas.

"This is the only time I have off, really, so that's why we're kinda getting it in now. When 'Glee' goes on hiatus in April, I'm gonna start doing a big tour."

Earlier this year, Matthew's 'Glee' character, teacher Will Schuester, performed three songs with actress Gwyneth Paltrow, who was making a guest appearance.

The blonde star recently revealed she is to reprise her role as substitute teacher Holly Holiday next year and Jane Lynch - who portrays cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester - can't wait for her to return.

Jane told E! News: "I thought she did such a great job in that episode. We worked her so hard and she sang and danced and she was in like 150 numbers and I thought, we'll never see her again. But she's coming back, she wants more. She's wonderful and I hope we get more scenes together."

And though their characters might seem like polar opposites, Jane hints they could actually Bond over a thing or two.

She added: "Sue and Gwyneth's character [Holly Holliday] definitely have different approaches at getting the students to respect them, but I think deep down Sue wants the same thing - she wants the kids to love her. She even said that to Will, she said, 'Your kids love you, I don't have that. They fear me.' And I guess it's her own fault."