Matthew Morrison has defended his former 'Glee' co-star Naya Rivera following her arrest last month.

The 39-year-old actor - who played Will Schuester in the TV series - was full of praise of the 30-year-old star's parenting skills towards her two-year-old son Josey, despite her facing misdemeanour domestic battery charges over an alleged altercation with her husband, Ryan Dorsey.

Matthew told PEOPLE magazine: ''She's a great mom.''

It comes after Naya's husband asked for ''kindness and respect'' after his the actress was charged with the offence when she allegedly struck the 'Blood' actor over the head and in the mouth during a walk with their child in West Virginia.

Ryan took to social media to speak out about the alleged incident, and asked for ''positivity and love'' during this ''difficult time''.

In a statement posted to Twitter on November 28, the 34-year-old actor wrote: ''This is a difficult time for everyone in the family especially for Naya and I. This isn't some reality show, this is our life, and I ask that everyone especially the media please respect our privacy and treat us/this situation how you would want a loved one to be treated. Perhaps with kindness, respect, without judgment, and as negative a situation this is, with positivity and love. Thanks.''

Sources previously claimed Naya's family were ''very concerned'' about her ''well-being'' following the alleged altercation.

A source said at the time: ''Naya's friends and family are very concerned for her well-being. This is not the first time that their relationship has been violent, and the fact that she hit her husband and lashed out like that, is very scary to everyone around her.

''Ryan's family has been trying to console both of them but are very disappointed. Many people close to Naya are urging her to seek immediate help for the sake of her son and herself.''

Naya was arrested on the evening of November 25 in Kanawha County, West Virginia, and was later released on bond, before being picked up by her father-in-law.