Matthew Morrison goes out in disguise.

The 32-year-old actor is astonished by the level of attention he has received since he started appearing in US musical drama series 'Glee' as teacher Will Schuester and is doing what he can do maintain some privacy.

He said: "I have to wear a disguise now.

"Getting recognised was exciting for the first couple of weeks but now it's just a little too much at times.

"People always feel they know you, they think you are like the guy on the show."

Though 'Glee' has been a worldwide success, Matthew knows its popularity won't last but won't be in a hurry to find a new job as soon as he finally exits the show because it is so exhausting to film.

He added in an interview with Reveal magazine: "This show will run its course, it will end some day. I know I'll have to find a new job at some point.

"If it all ended tomorrow I'd probably take a very long break. We are at a point where we are all so burnt out. It's such a production, do it's physically hard and I'm only getting four to five hours sleep right now."