Matthew Morrison is a "very good boyfriend".

The 'Glee' actor - who has been romantically linked to Kelly Brook and Olivia Munn in the past - is single at the moment but says he makes a great partner because he's very dedicated to any relationship he's in.

He said: "People can think what they like. I know I'm a very good boyfriend. I take it very seriously. I am comfortable in my own skin."

Matthew - who plays teacher Will Schuester in the musical TV show - also revealed how being a household name hasn't changed his outlook on life and is still sensible when it comes to money.

He told Radio Times magazine: "Yes, I am a household name, but for me it's just another job that I love doing. I still live like a starving actor, to be honest. I'm very frugal with money because I'm scared of losing my job, so I still have starving-actor mentality.

"I'm very tight with money and real estate is the only thing I've put my money into. I've bought a home in Los Angeles. I don't think anyone can be fully prepared for how much this kind of fame can change a person's life."