Matthew Modine and MEAN SUVARI are to star in a new movie that examines the mysterious death of Las Vegas casino heir TED BINION.
Binion - heir to the Binion Horseshoe Casino fortune - was found dead, aged 54, in his Sin City home in 1998, after suffering a drug overdose.
His death was initially treated as suicide, but his partner Sandy Murphy and her lover Rick Tabish were later arrested for murder - after Tabish was discovered attempting to unearth a secret buried desert vault containing tens of millions of dollars in silver bullion money and casino chips.
They were tried, convicted and jailed, but later cleared of murder by a second trial; instead being found guilty of lesser charges of burglary.
Full Metal Jacket star Modine will play Binion, while American Pie star Suvari will play Murphy in TV movie Sex + Lies in Sin City. The film will premiere on U.S. TV's Lifetime
network in September (08).