Hollywood actor Matthew Modine lost his job when he first met his wife, because he decided to take her on a date instead of going to work. The Full Metal Jacket star was working in a restaurant when CARIDAD RIVERA walked in asking for a take away meal. And when Modine, 47, spotted her a couple of days later, he didn't hesitate to ask her out - even though he was supposed to be working at the time. The couple married in 1980. He says, "I was a chef at a restaurant and I met this girl. She came into the restaurant. She wanted to order something and we weren't really a take-out restaurant. "So I came out of the kitchen wearing my chef outfit and my checkered pants and told her to go to the deli down the street. When I saw her I was completely smitten. It was love at first sight. I kind of couldn't speak and I said, 'How many did you want? One order, two orders?' "Then I saw her on the street about two days later and I told her I wasn't doing anything, that I was free. I said, 'Why don't you go have lunch with me?' "Of course, I was supposed to be working as a chef at a restaurant and you can't not show up for work and I didn't so I got fired and then rehired. This woman who I met is my wife now all these years later."