Actor Matthew Modine has exposed movie legend Stanley Kubrick as a maniac who made working conditions so tough on the set of Full Metal Jacket, he almost drove his cast insane.

Modine, who played PRIVATE JOKER in the 1987 Vietnam War epic, has revealed the hell he endured while working under the late Kubrick in a new book, FULL METAL JACKET DIARY.

And the actor, who almost missed the birth of his first child because of the director's insistence he stay on set, pulls no punches when it comes to criticising the movie great's eccentric, mean ways.

Modine explains, "At that point we were all kind of crazy; we had gone mad. Vincent D'Onofrio and I wanted to kill each other; we were at each other's throats. We were best of buddies and suddenly that happened. It was difficult.

"We started, all of us, to lose our minds. If you look at the photographs in the book you can see that there's craziness in all of our eyes."