Two surfers who reportedly attacked a photographer who was following actor Matthew Mcconaughey have been charged with misdemeanour battery.
A group of approximately twelve snappers were taking pictures of the Sahara star enjoying the surf on a Malibu, California beach in June (08), when a group of disgruntled surfers launched an all-out attack, allegedly leaving one paparazzo with a broken nose after being struck in the face.
Surfers Skylar Peak, 24, and Philip Hildebrand, 30, are accused of confronting the group, attacking one by throwing him and his camera into the water as he tried to take pictures of MCConaughey surfing.
The pair has been arraigned until next month (Oct08).
The fight between local Malibu residents and the paparazzi is one of many incidents which has prompted local law officials to seek ways to curb the excessive and aggressive behaviour of the photographers.