Actor Matthew Mcconaughey is at the centre of a new scandal in America after a comedienne accused him of feeling her up as part of a TV comedy skit.

Saturday Night Live regular Rachel Dratch was shocked when McConaughey let his hands wander during a sketch on the hit show during his recent stint as host.

The comedienne claims the skit was supposed to be a straightforward date joke, where the actor was supposed to guess his new girlfriend's age and weight - but it got out of hand, and needed a little censoring.

Dratch explains, "We were rehearing the scene and he did this weird character choice in his mind, and he reaches over and starts feeling me up while he's guessing.

"It had nothing to do with the scene. In his bongo mind it was a character exploration.

"I was like, 'What is going on here?' I was trying to go with the flow, but I was like, 'Get off of me.'"

To add insult to injury, Dratch has kept the rehearsal footage, and aired it when she was a guest of former SNL regular CONAN O'BRIEN's late night chat show.

A TIME TO KILL star McConaughey was arrested in 1999 after a late night naked bongo-playing incident prompted neighbours in Austin, Texas, to call the police.

14/07/2003 21:06