Ghosts of Girlfriends Past , starring Matthew Mcconaughey, is being touted as an alternative to the latest X-Men movie. Maybe so, but the critics are not any more pleased with the romantic comedy than they are with the superhero one. Roger Ebert's take on it in the Chicago Sun-Times "The potential is here for a comedy that could have been hilarious. But the screenplay spaces out some undeniably funny lines in too much plot business, and Matthew McConaughey, while admirably villainous as a lecher, is not convincing as a charmer." Claudia Puig in USA Today (who rather liked the X-Men flick), writes, "The formulaic story evaporates faster than cotton candy, and it's often as cloyingly sweet and tacky." Manohla Dargis in the New York Times calls it, "a junky-looking romantic comedy that's neither remotely romantic nor passably comic." But Peter Howell in the Toronto Star comes to the defense of the movie against his colleagues. "Take this stuff too seriously -- as a few cranky critics evidently are -- and you could work yourself up into a lather over the sexist implications of a good man turned bad by the wiles of women. But why do that?" he asks. "You've got to love a movie that so eagerly assassinates its leading man's cuddly image, and which also manages to blow a wicked kiss to Fatal Attraction ," whose stars, Michael Douglas and Anne Archer have roles in this movie.