Matthew Mcconaughey's mum KAY is cooing about her actor son's newborn baby boy, insisting the tot is going to be strong and naked - just like his father.
Baby Levi Alves MCConaughey was born on Monday night (07Jul08) and there's no one happier about the baby news than grandma Kay.
She is convinced her son will make a great father - and hopes he and partner Camila Alves have many more kids.
She tells, "He just loves children. Can't you just see it? Matthew with his surfboard, walking the beach, and a gang of kids following him with their surfboards saying, "We're coming, Papa!'"
And Kay MCConaughey insists the birth has brought her son and Brazilian model Alves closer together than ever: "Matthew is so proud of Camila. I think it's excellent that men are allowed in the room when women give birth. He loves Camila, but now he really sees how strong she is."
And the proud grandma approves of baby Levi's biblical name, adding, "It's so strong... Levi MCConaughey, that's no wimpy name."
Kay, a self-help book author, has revealed she'll be flying to Los Angeles from Texas on Thursday (10Jul08) to meet her baby grandson for the first time - and she urges fans and friends of the new parents not to splash out on clothing gifts.
She jokes, "Just get him (Levi) flip-flops and a bathing suit. You know that kid's not going to be wearing a lot of clothes."
The quip is a jab at her buff actor son, who is famous for wearing as little as possible.