Matthew Mcconaughey's brother Rooster is glad the actor is a first-time father to a little boy - insisting they are easier to nurture than girls.
The Fool's Gold actor became a dad to Levi Alves MCConaughey on Monday night (07Jul08), his first child with girlfriend Camila Alves.
And the star is said to be overjoyed with his new son, after his brother Rooster told him it's best to have a boy first time as they are tougher.
Rooster tells, "It's good to have a boy the first time 'round!"
"You can get away with dropping 'em a couple times, and they'll still be okay. Can't really do that with a little girl."
And Rooster is adamant his famous brother will make a great father.
He adds, "That guy is going to make one helluva dad."