Matthew Mcconaughey has an unusual pastime - the actor fantasises surviving in the wilderness when he wants to entertain himself.
The Wedding Planner star has a passion for exotic travel and admits he frequently imagines himself fending off attacks by dangerous beasts on his journeys, armed only with a knife to defend himself.
He says, "I travel a lot in some wild places. I'm always thinking, 'What if I came across a grizzly bear? What is by best chance of survival? What if a gator (alligator) gets me?'"
But MCConaughey has yet to test out any of his wild theories of escape - and the actor hopes to keep it that way.
He adds, "I don't know if they'd (my theories) work at all. I'm not sure what I want to do with the gator. With the grizzly bear I've got a better idea... I hope it doesn't happen."