SAHARA star Matthew Mcconaughey has been putting his mobile phone to good use by connecting families split by Hurricane Katrina.

The big-hearted Texan joined forces with media mogul Oprah Winfrey at the weekend (03-04SEP05) to spread a little joy among those devastated by the killer storms, which ravaged America's Deep South at the end of last month (AUG05).

And he decided the best way he could help survivors at a shelter in Zachary, Louisiana was to make the most of his mobile phone.

He managed to reunite one devastated mother, called LOIS, with her daughter who was in another shelter in Dallas, Texas.

And though he was glad to offer a little help, he appreciates there's much more to be done: "My expectations were not that defined. I knew what I knew from the television... I didn't understand the scope of it.

"I'm still trying to digest it... There's so much work to do."