Health fanatic Matthew Mcconaughey made the most of his recent holiday in the mountains of central Mexico - he turned the remote area into a rigorous work-out base for top magazine MEN'S HEALTH.

While his girlfriend Penelope Cruz was shooting a film nearby in Real da Catorce, the movie hunk used his break to work up a sweat and get superfit.

And he called his favourite health magazine to join him as he went on early morning mountain runs, tested his nerve in dark caves and gave his tips to get body and mind in shape.

McConaughey reveals he came up with the unorthodox interview, mainly to promote new film SAHARA in which he stars alongside Cruz, because he hates having to talk about his fitness regime.

He explains, "It's no fun to sit down and talk about what exercise has to do with life, but I thought if we found it through some sort of path, go drip that sweat, run until we're fatigued, to where the mind can't ponder the past or the future, well, then you've got something.

"Sometimes you can get the body in shape, and the head ain't in great shape. But it's real nice if you can co-ordinate 'em."

McConaughey also offers an eight-step program to a healthier life, which includes absorbing your surroundings while working out and going for distance, not time.

04/02/2005 02:36