Hollywood hunk Matthew Mcconaughey put himself in direct competition with his girlfriend Penelope Cruz this morning, when he tried to outdo the Spanish beauty's dancing.

During an appearance on ELLEN DeGENERES' chat show this morning (14APR05), McConaughey was shown a clip of his girlfriend's recent visit, where she showed off a range of goofy dance steps.

And the Texan actor, who met Cruz on the set of their new movie SAHARA, decided to go straight in an challenge her moves with a few steps of his own.

As MICHAEL JACKSON's hit 1980s track PYT (PRETTY YOUNG THING) played, McConaughey showed DeGeneres how to do such moves as 'Toss the Grape' and 'Pet the Cat' before tickling her ankle.

But when he drew the comedienne close to him for a more sensual dance step she quipped, "I liked it better when you were tickling my ankle!"

During his appearance, McConaughey also taught DeGeneres how to make one of his favourite dishes - grilled rib-eye steak.

14/04/2005 21:25