SAHARA star Matthew Mcconaughey has unveiled a penchant for saving lives, after declaring he once came to the rescue of a crewmember in the middle of an interview.

The Hollywood heart-throb, who recently revealed that he revived a female fan at the Toronto Film Festival in 2003, claims that he also came to the aid of a crewmember during an interview for an entertainment news show in Canada.

He recalls, "In the middle of the interview, the sound guy with the boom mic all of a sudden just collapses - boom! - hits the floor. And I go over to him and he's turning blue and his mouth is shut and he's not breathing.

"So I go, 'Let's get some oxygen, we need to open his mouth.' I open his mouth and he's got his teeth clenched. He was having some sort of seizure. I kept my finger in his mouth and he's chomping down on it real well. His eyes were still closed so I knew we needed to keep him from swallowing his tongue.

"I didn't leave my finger in there much longer, 'cause he was biting the hell out of it. And one of the other guys said, 'We need something to put in his mouth.'

"We were in a hotel room and we got a shoe horn out of the closet and put (it) down his throat. He came back to life. He was great."