Matthew Mcconaughey lost more than his flip-flops during a recent surfing trip to Nicaragua - thieves made off with his cellphone and $2,000 (GBP1,000) in cash.
The movie star was reportedly carried home drunk from a bar in San Juan Del Sur after standing on tables asking patrons to help him find his missing flip-flops - and then allegedly passing out.
His bar pals took him back to his hotel room and put him to bed but left his door wide open when they left to go home - and that's when opportunists struck, according to sources.
An insider tells America's Star magazine, "Matt was so out of it when they reached the resort that the two guys had to carry him to his villa. They used his key, took him inside and put him to bed, then left - but they left the door unlocked.
"Matt didn't report the robbery to the local authorities. I guess he just considered it a lesson learned."