Matthew Mcconaughey made a special guest appearance on late night TV in America on Thursday (12Feb09) - to introduce the first music act signed to his record label.
The movie hunk signed reggae star Mishka to his Just Keep Livin' label in 2006 - and made a surprise appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! to present the singer/songwriter, who was discovered by Oasis' former boss Alan MCGee.
MCConaughey recalled hearing Mishka's music during a trip to Jamaica in 2000, explaining, "It really turned me on and moved me and made a lot of sense to me... and I wanted to hear more of it.
"I went looking for this guy (but) I couldn't find an album, I couldn't find him, I called record companies (and) no one knew where he was."
The actor eventually met up with the musician in Ireland four years later, when Mishka was supporting reggae greats Sly & Robbie at a Dublin gig.
He adds, "He didn't know who I was but I knew him from his music... We became friends over the phone for about a year and then... we started working together.
"The day that we decided to work together he was saying, like, 'How can we do this...?' I got off the phone and called my lawyer and I said, 'I'd like to start a record label.' I called Mishka back and said, 'Man, do you wanna come and sign with Just Keep Livin' Records? Let's make this official and go play and have some fun and make some great music.'"
Mishka's Just Keep Livin' debut album, Above The Bones, is released in the U.S. on Tuesday (17Feb09).