Matthew Mcconaughey has opened up his beloved Airstream trailer for U.S. magazine Architectural Digest.
The movie hunk has criss-crossed America in the iconic silver mobile home and regularly sets it up on movie sets - so he can live close to the action.
The Sahara star purchased the Airstream International in 2004 and insists it remains one of the best things he has ever bought.
He tells the publication, "It's a beautiful piece of art and aerodynamically very functional."
Inside, MCConaughey's trailer boasts a compact living space complete with bedroom, bath, shower, dining and lounge areas and a streamlined kitchen. It also offers great views of the Malibu, California shoreline - because that's where the actor chooses to site his home from home when he's not on the road.
MCConaughey has dubbed the trailer The Canoe - a name inspired by a gift he was given by a Squamish Indian elder in Vancouver, Canada, following a short stay on the tribe's reservation.
He explains, "When I left, they brought me a handcrafted oar that's one of the symbols of the tribe. The oar guides the canoe, guides you through life."
Since buying the Airstream, MCConaughey has added a satellite dish and a barbecue area. He is currently customising two other Airstream trailers, joking, "One day I'll have either an Airstream hotel or an Airstream compound."