Laid-back Matthew Mcconaughey has no hard feelings towards the photographer who sold nude snaps of the movie hunk - because he understands why he did what he did. The actor attempted to reason with the snapper who staged the saucy session before MCConaughey became a star after hearing of his plans to sell the shots in the late 1990s. But the photographer knew he stood to make a lot of money from the pictures, and told MCConaughey he couldn't ignore such an opportunity. The actor says, "I understood it. I went to the guy personally and said, 'Man, I'm telling you, I'd rather you didn't. Do you want us to do another photo shoot instead?' "He said, 'No, I got to do this. I can make some money.' "I went, 'OK, well.' I shook his hand and said, 'I'd rather you didn't, but OK, go for it...' And he put them out there."