Matthew Mcconaughey has turned his Airstream trailer into a luxury home away from home so that when Hollywood becomes too much he can just take off and conduct business from the middle of nowhere.

The actor, who criss-crossed America promoting action film SAHARA towing the touring vehicle, insists he has the perfect life when he can get away and live in the desert.

He says, "I have a great mattress, I've got a 12-inch TV, I've got satellite, I've got internet capability.

"I've camped out next to a railroad track in the middle of the desert, watching MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL while I was grilling ribeyes (steak) outside."

And McConaughey, who has made lifelong friends on his travels, enjoys the trailer park etiquette when he chooses to spend the night with other kings and queens of the road.

He adds, "There's a very cool rule with camping and it's real simple: if the door's shut, leave well enough alone; if the door's open, come on by."