Eccentric movie star Matthew Mcconaughey is promoting his new movie SAHARA by touring around America in his own Airstream trailer, emblazoned with the film's artwork.

The hunky star is making stops at army bases on the promotional road trip, which kicked off in Georgia, and he loves to catch the reaction of fellow motorists who catch him behind the wheel of his truck, which he has dubbed The Eagle, when they pass him on the motorway.

He says, "If you're coming up from behind me you see Sahara on the back - 'opens everywhere April 8' - and then they get up here next to the Eagle and they go, 'Wait a minute, that's McConaughey driving,' and they do a double take."

McConaughey bought the state-of-the-art Airstream trailer last year (04) and regularly uses it to travel around America. He has even treated girlfriend Penelope Cruz to a getaway in the home on wheels.

02/03/2005 09:41