Screen hunk Matthew Mcconaughey has rubbished the longstanding belief that New Yorkers are hard-bitten tough guys, as he insists they are his favourite people in the whole world.

The SAHARA actor fitted into life in the Big Apple immediately, and even experienced a few lost weekends in Manhattan's bohemian SoHo.

He tells Gotham magazine, "People in Texas or California are like, 'But nobody's nice in New York.' Bull.

"People in New York are going somewhere and they shoot straight.

"New York loves success. From doormen to cabbies, you hear, 'Hey, McConaughey, man, keep doing what you're doing.'

"It's my favourite city. I hope to move here. I've had nights (in SoHo) where I lived stories not to be told."

01/08/2005 20:31