Movie star Matthew Mcconaughey is having to give up his dream of fathering 14 kids - because he doesn't think he'll be able to continue acting if he has such a big family.

The SAHARA star admits he fluctuates between two and 14 children, and dreams of owning a ranch in Costa Rica where his huge family can live and play.

He says, "I dream of having children... I love children. Lineage, passing on your generation. To have some more McConaughey bloodline in the world is a good thing.

"I go between 14 and two but I do believe my mate will have something to say about that.

"Unless it's gonna be a thousand acres in Costa Rica and... we're gonna adopt and go down and have a beautiful farm, 14 would be hard.

"(I can't) do what I do as well as be a good father because I don't wanna just hire a nanny and say, 'You take them.' I wanna raise my kids."

McConaughey, who last year (05) was voted People magazine's Sexiest Man Alive, is currently dating Spanish actress Penelope Cruz.