Matthew Mcconaughey wasted no time in spending the $61,000 (GBP33,880) he raised by selling off his beloved 1971 convertible Corvette Stingray - he used it to build a kids' playground in a day. The actor auctioned the car off on website eBay earlier this summer (06) and staged the handover to the Rindler family on yesterday's (20SEP06) OPRAH show in America. The hunky SAHARA star also aired a film showing what he did with the cash on a housing project created by Oprah Winfrey's Angel Network charity for Hurricane Katrina refugees in Houston, Texas. While kids were at school, MCConaughey, baseball star Roger Clemens and local contractors turned a vacant muddy lot into a brand new play park for local kids. And the actor told Winfrey the day he spent turning nothing into something special was a real treat. He said, "We schedule our work, we schedule our vacation and service is kinda the harder one, selfishly sometimes, to schedule. "But I've noticed that for me and for everyone that I know who signs up to go give some time to something, as soon as you're done, it feels like a vacation, from the inside out."