Matthew Mcconaughey has found his perfect woman in girlfriend Penelope Cruz - because she shares his nomadic nature.

The actor embraces the life of a travelling film star and enjoys spending much of his year on the road between film locations - but he's not sure how that would suit married life.

He says, "Settling down and starting a family is a great thought, but if settling down means staying in one place then I'm going to have to find myself a woman that likes to travel."

And, fortunately for McConaughey, Cruz - whom he met on the set of adventure film SAHARA - agrees.

When asked if she wants children with McConaughey, the Spanish actress says, "It would be hard keeping up our nomad life with a baby, we don't like staying in one place for too long. But it might work out.

"Me and Matthew will be apart for four months while I go to Europe.

"But when I'm back it would be really nice if we could be together forever."

24/03/2005 13:22