Matthew Mcconaughey's daughter Vida is ''sassy''.

The actor has two children, son Levi, four, and Vida, two and is expecting a third with his handbag designer wife Camila Alves and she says Vida is full of personality.

Camila explained to ''They're at that stage where every day, there's something new. Vida has more personality than I can explain to you! She's very sassy. It's great.''

Camila also revealed the youngsters are excited about a new sibling.

She said: ''They love [my baby bump]. I think they fully understand that it's a little baby coming. They love it.''

The 29-year-old beauty recently admitted carrying her third child is much ''different'' to when she was expecting her other two kids and she has found it more difficult.

She said: ''This [pregnancy] has been a little different.

''Anything you can feel in a pregnancy, I'm feeling in this one. So put it all in the pile, that's how I'm feeling.''

However, Camila is not yet experiencing any unusual food cravings.

She added: ''We have gone the complete opposite direction eating wise, but we're navigating it. But I don't really have cravings yet.''