Matthew Mcconaughey won't publicise his movies until he's seen the finished film.

The 'Gold' actor admits he's learned the hard way not to talk about his work until it's complete as sometimes the final movie is very different to how he hoped it would be.

He admitted: ''I've given this advice: don't do press junkets or talk about the film until you've see it. I've done that before and I went and saw the movie and I was like: 'Every interviewer I've talked to must have been thinking, what fricking movie is he talking about?' ''

And the Oscar-winning star claimed he's never reached his own high standards in his work.

He told The Guardian newspaper: ''I mean, I've have never been in a film or given a performance that was as good as I'd hoped it would be.

''I've come close. I've seen some that are close. The movie that was closest to the script that I've ever been a part of is 'Mud'. There was like one scene different and the dialogue is almost exactly what Jeff Nichols wrote.''

However, Matthew is still proud of some of his work and thinks he's made some ''great'' movies in the past.

He added: ''I've never done [a film] that's lived up to what I imagined it could be.

''I've been a part of a bunch of films that I highly respect and really have a love for and think are great. And I've done performances that I'm very happy with and I'm like, 'Good job, McConaughey!' But nothing that I've ever thought ... And I don't think I'll do one that does.''