Matthew Mcconaughey is reportedly set to return to teaching.

The 46-year-old actor and 'Hunger Games' director Gary Ross are set to co-teach a film class at the University of Texas in Austin alongside the college's lecturer Scott Rice, which will see 30 junior and senior students go behind the scenes on their recent film 'Free State of Jones', according to San Antonio Express News.

In a post on the school's Facebook account, which introduced the school's new lecturer, which has since been reported on US Weekly, the institution wrote: ''He's in the movies. He's on the field. Now, Matthew McConaughey is in the classroom.''

And this is not the first time the 'Fools Gold' star - who studied radio, television and film at the campus where he graduated from in 1993 - has stood at the front of the lecture theatre as he has taught a similar class at the faculty before, and gives regular pep talks to the Longhorns football team ahead of their competitive games.

Meanwhile, pupils have been forced to sign nondisclosure agreements and were forbidden to take photos and videos of the film set to prevent details being leaked prior to the action film's release in September this year.

However, the Hollywood hunk has no plans to quit acting, and has revealed he has spoken to series creator Nic Pizzolatto about reprising his role as Rustin Cohle in the television drama 'True Detective'.

Speaking previously, he said: ''I would return. It'd have to be in the right context and the right way. It'd need that spark like when I first read the scripts.

''When I read it, I knew after 20 minutes that I could play this guy and that I'm in ... I miss Cohle, and I miss watching him on Sunday nights. I was a happy man when we made that show, because for six months I was on my own island.''

And the father-of-three - who has Levi, seven, Vida, six, and Livingston, three, with his wife Camila Alves - insists he doesn't choose what roles to take on based on how he thinks they'll be received as he believes people have a ''right to boo'' his films.

When asked about the critical reception towards his film 'The Sea of Trees', he said: ''All right, all right, all right. Anyone has as much right to boo as they do to ovate.''