Movie star Matthew Mcconaughey has revealed he turned down a $15 million (Gbp10 million) pay day to reinvent Tom Selleck's Tv private detective Magnum for the big screen.

The actor tells The Hollywood Reporter he thought long and hard about the role in 2008 but decided to pass, after appearing in a string of big budget flops like Sahara and Fool's Gold, and concentrate on smaller projects instead.

He recalls, "Taking a year and a half off and saying no to things in some form or fashion made me a new good idea. Sometimes the target draws the arrow."

After his hiatus, MCConaughey signed on for a series of acclaimed films, including Bernie, Killer Joe, The Paperboy, Magic Mike and Mud, and he's receiving Oscar worthy praise from critics for his upcoming film, Dallas Buyer's Club, in which he plays a womaniser who contracts Hiv.