Soon to be dad of three Matthew Mcconaughey is due to star in another movie that his children should probably wait a few years to watch, as his latest film to hit cinemas is the NC-17 rated Killer Joe.

The film, in which the Magic Mike star plays a gun for hire that also happens to be a police detective named Joe Cooper, hit cinemas on a limited basis in the United States on July 27th. Given the rating it was also subject a pretty limited audience number too.

This makes the film, which also stars Emile Hirsch, Juno Temple and Thomas Haden Church; only the second film with the restricted rating on it to be released in the United States this year, after French film Elles which starred Juliette Binoche.

The move continues to show how more mainstream stars are taking the plunge into increasingly risky films, with MCConaughey believed to be proud of his first ever move into the certificate rating.

Last year, only one film with the restricted band was released in American cinemas, the sex addict tale Shame. The film, in which it's two stars MICHAEL FABENDER and Carey Mulligan received rave reviews, even ended up winning Fassbender a BAFTA and Golden Globe nomination.