Matthew Mcconaughey didn't have to act ''scared'' when he came face to face with a tiger in 'Gold'.

The 47-year-old actor - who plays Kenny Wells in the adventure drama movie - filmed scenes with the big cat as one of the last things he shot for the movie and admitted he ''didn't have to do much acting in that scene'' because he was already so nervous.

He said: ''We scheduled that for the last scene in the movie which I always thought was quite funny because if you don't know filming, if something happens to the actor in the last scene it's ok because you've got all the other footage in the can.

''There was a trainer there but he made it very clear that if the tiger lunged he couldn't do anything about the lunge, but he felt confident he could pull the tiger off after he lunged, and I was like: that doesn't make me feel that comfortable. It all went smoothly but I didn't have to do much acting in that scene. I was scared. I'm highly proud of the film, my favourite character I've ever played.''

And Matthew enjoyed filming in Thailand but admits the weather caused issues when they were on set.

He told Sky News: ''Thailand initiated us pretty quickly. The monsoons came early and washed away our sets on day two. So we were sort of beholden to mother nature.

''We would shoot some scenes in the rain, and then the sun would come out, and we wouldn't be done with the scene so we'd have to run over to another set that we had started in the sun and try and finish it when the sun was out and then the rains would come back two hours later so we'd run back to the other set, try to finish that scene.''