Matthew Mcconaughey's mum is a ''mess'' when it comes to opening up about his private life.

The 'Interstellar' actor revealed how he tried to tell his mother Kay, now 87, to stay tight lipped when he first became famous so he could figure out life in the spotlight.

Opening up affectionately about his mum, he told the Sunday Telegraph magazine: ''She's a mess, man. When I first became famous she would show up at my interviews. It wasn't about me, it was about her.

''I would say, 'Please Mom - I'm trying to navigate this newfound celebrity and being in the public eye, so just watch the loose lips. Just let me be the lead voice for now...' ''

However, it didn't seem to work as not long after, a friend told the star to tune into US tabloid show 'Hard Copy' as Kay was showing a reporter around their home, showing them ''where Matthew slept with his first girlfriend'' and more.

His older brother Rooster pointed out that while he admired his sibling trying to get her in line, no one else had ever succeeded before.

Matthew added: ''Rooster said, 'Buddy, you put up a valiant effort trying to curb our mother. I been around a lot longer than you, and I tried, and I saw Dad try and you ain't changing her...'

''So now I've said, 'You know what Mom? Free rein. Go for it.' ''

Family is very important to the actor - who has children Levi, 10, Vida, nine, and Livingston, six, with wife Camila Alves - and he recently admitted the only ambition he ever had in life was to raise one of his own,

He previously said: ''The only thing I've ever known I've wanted to be, since I was eight years old, 100 per cent knew it, clear, natural law, was to be a dad.

''I always knew I wanted to be a dad. I've always revered that as the greatest thing a man can do, be a father.

''It's the greatest privilege and the greatest responsibility.''