Matthew Mcconaughey likes the ''challenge'' of making a movie.

The 'Gold' star particularly enjoys the ''construction'' of a film as if it's done well, it gives him ''self-satisfaction''.

He said: ''I I like making movies more than I like watching movies. It's the construction, the building of them that I love doing, trying to put it together, trying to sing the song.

''And every time it's a whole new challenge. And it's not only up to me. It's up to the story I'm in, the director, the producers, the editing. But that's where I get my sense of my own, to whatever extent, self-satisfaction.''

And the 47-year-old actor - who has Levi, eight, Vida, seven, and Livingston, four, with his wife Camila Alves - also asked to help produce the movie as he felt he had ''instincts right off the bat'' to shape the film.

He added: ''I do, but I wouldn't want to do it every time. This is one that I just had instincts for right off the bat. It wasn't an intellectual process to say, 'Oh, I think I could be of help here or there.'

''It was instincts. I knew the world, understood the relationships, knew the story, knew it was particular to this time and this place, and for that reason I thought it would be an asset for me to be a producer, to have that creative input on things more than just my character.''

Meanwhile, Matthew admits it can be tricky at times to turn his ''objective'' overview of the film when he is a producer off and become subjective when he steps in front of the camera.

He told ''I don't like taking off the subjective hat that acting affords me. I don't really like hopping out of that subjectivity and then being objective and making objective decisions. I think I'm pretty good at it sometimes, but it's not my favorite part by any means. I'm more, I would say, hands on objectively in the pre-production process and the post-production process.''