Matthew Mcconaughey's mother is so ''proud'' of him.

The 44-year-old actor was crowned Best Actor at the Oscar Awards for his role as Ron Woodroof in 'Dallas Buyers Club' last week, but his mum Kay McCabe already considered him a winner due to his kind-hearted and well-mannered personality.

She told People magazine: ''Matthew makes me proud because he is very humble and sincere and a very thoughtful person. He is just a great son.''

Kay always knew Matthew - who has children, Levi, five, Vida, four, and 15-month-old son Livingston with his wife Camila Alves - would make a good husband and father one day.

She explained: ''I had no doubt when he decided to marry, which he took his time doing, that he would be a thoughtful, trustful husband.''

Although, the former school teacher credits Matthew's late father James, who died in 1992, for being such a good role model.

She explained: ''Well, he was brought up seeing his dad show these traits, and setting a good example is always the best teacher.''