The Dallas Buyers Club actor and his Brazilian wife Camila Alves are taking their three children to Brazil on Wednesday (21Dec16) to visit her family over the festive season.

Accordingly, Levi, eight, Vida, six, and three-year-old Livingston have been working on their knowledge of the local language.

"The kids are taking Portuguese classes for the last week," he said on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday (20Dec16). "They already know a lot of Portuguese, but they're taking Portuguese classes five hours a day for the last week in prep for going on this trip."

But it seems they are not the ones who need the lessons - Matthew openly admits his children speak the language better than he does.

And the 47-year-old star adds that it will be a cosy living situation in Brazil as he and his wife will be sleeping in one shared room with their kids. He said, "All of us stay in one room. Five of us on a couple of twin beds."

However, it seems the hectic set-up isn't out of the ordinary for the family. He recently told ETOnline that during Thanksgiving in November (16), he had 31 MCConaugheys staying at his house, which usually sleeps twelve people. In the end, he had to tell his relatives to "sleep where you can find a pillow."

On the topic of family, he talked to Jimmy about his mother Mary 'KMAC' Kathleen and her different approach to parenting.

"She doesn't negotiate and debate things as much as Camila, my wife, and I do with the kids," he said. "Not with my mother. It's immediately 'because I said so'. The conversations are much shorter."

He appeared on the U.S. talk show to promote his upcoming movies Gold and children's animation Sing.