The 47-year-old Academy Award winner portrays unlucky businessman Kenny Wells in the upcoming adventure film about a hunt for treasure in the jungles of Indonesia.

To physically prepare to portray his overweight character, the star happily chowed down on unhealthy meals, and his efforts to pack on the pounds delighted his three children.

"I was getting pretty damn fat as Kenny Wells," Matthew told CNN while speaking at a screening for the film on Monday (14Nov16) night. "I was an all-star in my family, nicknamed Captain Fun during that time because I was 'yes' to pizza night, every night and it was cheeseburgers and beer."

By the time filming for Gold began, MCConaughey weighed in at 217 pounds, and he looked completely different from the frail Ron Woodruff character he played in Dallas Buyers Club, which earned him a Best Actor Oscar. He dropped a significant amount of weight for the 2013 movie.

Matthew admits he prefers losing weight for a role, because it's tougher to lose weight after piling on the pounds for a film, and after six months of hardcore workouts since Gold wrapped, he still has plenty of work to do to reach his peak physique.

The hunky star, who once held the title of People magazine's Sexiest Man Alive, is eager to return to his normal muscly self, as showing off his six-pack abs and toned chest is a huge part of his personality.

“I was running around without a shirt on long before anyone was taking pictures of it,” he told Total Film, “and I’ll continue to run around with a shirt off long after.”