Matthew Mcconaughey has planned his dream burger for when his strict diet ends.

The Hollywood star has lost an astonishing 38lbs - almost a quarter of his body weight - for his role as real life AIDS victim Ron Woodroof in upcoming film 'The Dallas Buyers Club' and after months of healthy eating Matthew already knows exactly what he wants for his first calorie filled meal.

He revealed: ''I will have some 70 percent beef, 30 percent fat ground beef, maybe a half pound cheeseburger with three types of cheese.

''I'll prepare it all and I'll make sure that it takes three hours just to prepare. I'm going to have buns with butter on both sides, toasted and grilled.

''I'm going to melt the cheese on the top bun, Hellmann's Real Mayonnaise. I want kosher dill pickles sliced nice and thin, diced white onions, slightly grilled until they get almost hard, and some thin jalapeno slices.''

Although Matthew, 43, is looking forward to his meaty treat he knows the physical effects of his dramatic weight loss will mean he has to approach the patty with caution.

He added to ''The organs shrink, so my stomach has shrunk as well. So as much as I can't wait to have that cheeseburger, on the day, it'll be damn hard to eat the whole thing.''

Woodroof was given six months to live after contracting the disease in 1986 and he ended up spending the next six years smuggling medicine into the US to help himself and fellow sufferers. He eventually died in 1992.