Matthew Mcconaughey and his girlfriend Camila Alves have named their son Levi Alves.

The Fool's Gold star and his Brazilian partner welcomed their first child into the world at 18:22 PT (02:22 BST) in Los Angeles on Monday.

And in a statement to OK! magazine, the Texan actor has confirmed the name of his first son.

"Levi was another name for the apostle Matthew in the Bible. They were, in fact, two names for the same person.

"Our son was born at 6:22 pm, and this particular time represents my favourite verse in the book of Matthew in the Bible: 'If thy eye be single, thy whole body will be full of light.'"

He added that the boy's middle name, Alves, was chosen to incorporate his girlfriend's family name.

He added: "We welcome Levi Alves McConaughey into this wonderful life and look forward to living in it with him.

"In the meantime and all times, just keep livin'."

McConaughey, 38, can next be seen in comedy Surfer Dude and in a cameo role in upcoming action comedy Tropic Thunder.

09/07/2008 09:17:52