Matthew Mcconaughey decided to move his family out of California and set up home in Texas for the sake of his two young children, as he wants them to grow up with "family values, neighbours and common sense".
The actor and his fiancee Camila Alves recently moved into a new home in MCConaughey's home state and he reveals they made the change so his three-year-old son Levi and two-year-old daughter Vida can experience a world outside of Hollywood.
When asked why he moved back to Texas, he tells E! Online, "Family. I grew up here. We got children, family values, neighbours and common sense - and I can catch a green light in Texas... I feel like a local when I'm walking around here, going down the street in my neighbourhood, in my town."
However, MCConaughey has kept a house in Los Angeles so he is not completely cut off from Hollywood, adding, "I'm not done with it. Thankfully, I'm able to have a home there and a home here."