Matthew Mcconaughey camped out while filming 'Mud'.

The actor, who stars in the forthcoming romantic drama about a man who lives on an island in Mississippi waiting for his true love, enjoyed filming in the location so much he decided to be at one with nature by living in a tent.

He said: ''I loved being out there in nature like that. The stage was the Mississippi river. To live there while a while, to camp out there, you quickly get the rhythm and the sense of smell and taste and humidity and weight, and how time trickles along like that river. It's four miles per hour. It just slowly moves and it's an unstoppable force.

''Arkansas is called the Natural State and you see why. It's a really gorgeous place. The thing about where we shot this is that Mother Nature rules down there.''

The film - which also stars Reese Witherspoon - is about two teenage boys who discover a dirty looking island dweller, who is pining for his first love (Witherspoon) to return.

McConaughey says his character is a ''dreamer'', adding: ''He has this unconditional love for this woman. He's had it for 35 years and he'll probably have it a million lifetimes after. It's boundless, it's endless.''

'Mud' is out next month.