The 47-year-old actor is promoting his new movie Gold with his wavy locks intact, but he reveals he was in danger of losing it all.

"Yup, it’s real, that’s what I got," he said while discussing his thick head of hair on U.S. chat show Live! with Kelly on Thursday (19Jan17). "Actually, I was losing my hair in '99. Yes, I was."

But Matthew managed to salvage his locks through the use of a miracle hair loss product.

“I started rubbing my head with this stuff called Regenix, and damn if it didn’t come back," he recalled. "I had a silver dollar (bald spot in the back of my head)."

In fact, Regenix worked so well, a hair transplant doctor falsely attempted to take credit for filling in MCConaughey's bald spot.

He recalled, "I run into this guy in Beverly Hills and he goes, ‘I’ve been wanting to meet you because I go to this conference every year and over the last 10 years we always put you on the screen as an example of a great hair transplant. For the last six years nobody ever raised their hand to say it was them and the last three years there’s this doctor from Sweden that takes credit for it'.

"I go, ‘Ah, he’s full of BS’, and he goes, ‘Can I look at your scalp?' And he looks at it and he goes, 'You don’t have hair transplants; I’m going to bust this man at next year’s convention'."