A game of table tennis can turn into an extreme sport when pals Matthew Mcconaughey and Woody Harrelson play together - one match left them both bloodied and bruised and surrounded by shattered glass and debris.

The two stars love to get together for a game of ping pong - and one clash turned into a two-hour marathon of epic proportions.

The Dallas Buyers Club star explains, "He's a really fun ping pong player. I'm pretty good, he's real good... We had a match one day at a house I was renting on Mulholland (Drive in California) and we had 48 hours with nothing to do, no commitments... and we start playing ping pong.

"All of a sudden he hits a great shot... it goes down in the corner, it's bouncing under the lawn mower in the garage and I keep it moving and pop it back up and pop it across the garage, it bounces around. He runs over and knocks over a bunch of s**t and keeps it moving.

"About two hours later the game has turned into do-not-let-the-ball-stop, so we're dripping in sweat, I've got blood on me, he's hit this tree, he's run into stuff, there's broken glass everywhere - but we never let the ball stop."