Matthew Mcconaughey had nothing in common with his latest character.

The 48-year-old actor stars in 'White Boy Rick' as Rick Wershe Sr, whose teenage son ran a hugely successful drug empire in Detroit in the 1980s, and although he is a father himself, Matthew admitted he could find little similarities between himself and Rick Sr.

He told The Hollywood Reporter: ''This is one of those where I go 'I know who that dad is. He's not me, so the only thing I brought was that I understand undying love for your children, and doing whatever you can do to keep the family together. After that, I hope there's not many similarities.

''I'm usually drawn to characters that sort of 'do unto,' that follow through, by hook or by crook. Somehow, this guy has no follow through. Very much a Fredo. I've never played someone who loses so unanimously. He's the runt. The doer in the family is the boy, White Boy Rick.''

However, Matthew loved taking on the role of Rick Sr - who passed away in 2014 - and felt the story needed to be told.

He said: ''I've never had a role like this before. 'Mama got hit by a train the day I went to jail' kinda stuff.

''It was human, it was tragic, it was funny, but it was authentic, even if it were fiction.''

The film has been directed by Yann Demange and stars Richie Merritt as Rick Wershe Jr.