Matthew Mcconaughey has insisted his photo is removed from a cattle ranch website his brother runs after the Oscar winner came under attack for hunting activities offered there.

The Dallas Buyers Club star became the target of animal rights activists this week (beg02Feb15) after details about whitetail deer hunting activities at the LP Ranch in Mertzon, Texas, which he had previously purchased with his brother, were documented online.

The ranch, which breeds and sells horses and cows, also offers customers the opportunity to stay on the grounds and enjoy a hunting experience by tracking down and shooting deer which have been caged in by high fences.

The news came as a shock to some of the actor's fans, who have blasted him and the ranch's activities online.

However, MCConaughey's representative has since distanced the Hollywood star from the controversy, insisting he handed the ranch over to his brother in 2011.

The actor has also made sure his picture is no longer featured on LP Ranch's website to avoid confusion - news which has satisfied Peta (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) Senior Director Colleen O'Brien.

In a statement issued to Wenn, she writes, "Peta inquired right away (about MCConaughey's involvement) and has been assured by Matthew MCConaughey's representative that he does not own the ranch and his photo has been removed from its website."