Actor Matthew Mcconaughey created his own stripper sequence in racy new movie Magic Mike - because he knew he'd come to regret not taking the opportunity to hit the stage and bare all, like his castmates.
The newlywed Dazed and Confused star agreed to play strip club boss Dallas in director Steven Soderbergh's saucy project last year (11), and admits the script he read required him to keep his clothes on.
However, the 42 year old couldn't resist the once-and-a-lifetime opportunity to try his hand at erotic dancing, so he picked out a song and wrote in a risque sequence for himself.
He says, "It wasn't written. But Steven Soderbergh, the director, when he called me and pitched the story and I was down on my knees laughing and already saying, 'Yes, I'm in,' he said, 'You know it's not written that Dallas strips in the movie but I think it would be a great idea if he did, at the end.'
"I read the script and I thought about it and it hit me pretty quickly, and I was like, 'If I'm gonna be in a stripper movie once in my life, if I don't give this a punt, if I don't try it out, I'm gonna regret it.'"