Matthew Mcconaughey and Camila Alves tied the knot on the weekend in what turned out to be a very unconventional wedding ceremony. The couple's nuptials took place during a three day long celebration at their home in Texas, with friends chilling out, playing lawn games and relaxing in hammocks and staying in luxury tents in the couple's grounds. Even their vows took a turn for the unexpected, as none of their guests are entirely sure what they actually said to each other.
US magazine revealed on Sunday (June 10, 2012) that when they exchanged vows, it was done in hushed tones. A source told the magazine "They whispered them in each other's ears. No one knew what they said. Whatever they said was very emotional. [Camila] was tearing up." After the vows were said, though, the couple kissed, getting a loud cheer from the gathered wedding guests. "The crowd erupted and there were many tears all around. There was a lot of clapping and everyone was happy," said the source. Matthew and Camila side-stepped a number of traditional wedding elements, such as having groomsmen and bridesmaids, they had a preacher and a monk in attendance and they avoided the usual 'wedding march.' Even the idea of a wedding cake was dismissed, with guests being treated to a variety of desserts, instead.
Matthew proposed to Camila last Christmas, after six years together. They have two children together; 4 year old Levi and 2 year old Vida.