Matthew Mcconaughey's wife carries Spanx in her bag.

Stunning model Camila Alves, 30, takes the figure-clinching shapewear with her to photo shoots but admits she would be mortified if someone caught a glimpse of her slimming pants.

She told ''I don't want to embarrass myself too much, but if I'm going to a photo shoot, I bring my own Spanx and panties. Honestly, I would be terrified if someone opened my bag and saw them!''

The Brazilian beauty - who has been married to Matthew, 43, since June 2012 - also carries her husband's essentials in her bag and is sure to keep some handy activities at her disposal to entertain the couple's children, son Levi, five, daughter Vida, three, and nine-month-old Livingston.

Camila said: ''I've gotten used to carrying Matthew's things! His snus, the tobacco chew, always wind up in my purse. And I have his wallet and iPhone.

''I have a princess colouring book for Vida, one with trucks for Levi and an activity book they're both into.''